OZPRO 3 Surf Ski

The Ozpro 3 is a uniquely designed flat bottom ski that can be Surf Lifesaving approved. The Ozpro 3 is also that perfect ski for the beginner / intermediate who wants to compete is ocean racing.

This ski is suited to masters, ladies and intermediate paddlers who wish to compete and go fast but need a more stable ski than a traditional surf ski.

This ski is highly sought after in the high performance, high fitness level of paddler. It has been very popular to date, attracting a lot of attention from the endurance/long distance market such as Anaconda adventure racing and other iconic races such as the Hawkesbury Classic and Murray marathon.

The Ozpro 3 has the option when manufacturing to have an Ocean or Flatwater rudder.

The Ozpro 3 can be made with SLSA approval at 18kg, but ideally can be made as a flatwater or ocean racer at 13kg.

Ask the team at OZflyte about this awesome ski.

OzPro 3 Surf Ski
OZPRO 3 Surf Ski

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