Ozflyte R21 Racing Ski

The R21 has a slightly more rocker than many other surf skis on the market. The increased rocker improves control and increases running speeds through heavy downwind chop and swell. The R21 is available in both Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass models.

  • new venturi system which run flat along the hull which allows for better hull speed and aeodynamics
  • a lower hump between the footwell and seat to allow the paddler to utilize leg drive more and give more power.
  • The seat shape allows full blood flow to the legs reducing the possibility of a numb bottom or feet. The seat also offers the side of your hips not to digg in and stopping hip rotation.
  • A narrower paddle entry point allows for a more vertical shaft at the catch and puts the body in a better biomechanical position and Kinetic transfer of power from the leg drive all the way through to hip and shoulder rotation.
  • Our new world first adjustable foot plate system will adjust 450mm and accommodates paddlers from shortest to tallest of athletes, and can be changed is seconds if needed.
  • Ozflyte R21 Surf Ski

    Ozflyte R21 Surf Ski

    The R21 one of only a few Ocean Racing Skis designed and manufactured in Australia. The R21 will be available again in August 2018 – order and pay the deposit for an R21 of the standard construction for $3,250.

    Ozflyte  have been designing  surf skis for more years than some of our competitors care to remember. The best of that wealth of knowledge has now been invested in the design of the R21 Ocean Ski.

    The R21 has been built for  ocean racing. Its  carbon hull and e-glassed seam offers extra strength where it is needed and this will give you the confidence to go at 100% in all conditions. Ozflyte has optimised the ski weight to 13kg, allowing for better control in messy conditions, giving paddlers the ability to run true in a cross wind and/or swell, and to not move around in heavy head/cross winds. A standard glass VIT construction R21 is also available at 16.5kg.

    We at Ozflyte have made the R21 with some of the attributes as the MAXX and Pheonix SLSA skis. The same tail and footwells make it easy to jump from the spec ski into an elite ocean ski, having the same feeling of picking up and surfing runners.

    Adding to this, most access for paddlers is off a surf beach and this extra hull/seam strength with get you out to where you want to go and return safely. For more details on the R21,​ contact Ozflyte here.

    Alternatively, For all enquiries on the R21 contact the team at: [email protected]

    The rise of Ocean racing ski paddling has been dramatic in Australia, with the Harbour regularly abuzz with these Formula 1 paddlers on their skinny boats.  Thus far the market has been dominated by popular international brands such as Fenn and Epic, but now local surf ski manufacturer OZFlyte has designed and launched a true Aussie downwind racing ski onto the market. Needless to say the ski boys and girls had a heap of fun testing the new Ozflyte R21 and now have a local and affordable alternative to the usual ski range.  The new R21 surf ski can be tested and ordered from Sydney Harbour Kayaks, so if you’re in the market for a ski, get down to the The Spit for a test paddle. I might even test one myself! Cheers – FP

    Fat Paddler

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