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The new 2018 EPIC V14 models are available for worldwide delivery from EPIC Kayaks Australia located in Sydney NSW. 

EPIC V14 Top

The V14 is designed to be the ultimate speed demon for small to mid sized water conditions. The Epic design engineering team pulled out all the stops to go beyond the V10 and V12 with an even sleeker shape and narrower waterline.  The V14 bow is much narrower compared to the rest of the Epic ski line which helps the V14 knife through down wind chop & small waves.  The V14 is available in 3 models:

V14 Performance  - $3,995 AUD

  • Weight 15kg*
  • Infusion grade foam core
  • Composite hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar
  • Vacuum infused, heat-cured epoxy
  • Black bow & stern

V14 Ultra - $4,995 AUD

  • Weight 12kg*
  • Nomex honeycomb core
  • Woven carbon and Kevlar fabric
  • Vacuum bagged, heat-cured epoxy
  • Red bow & stern

V14 Elite - $5,995 AUD

  • Weight 10.88kg*
  • Nomex honeycomb core
  • Woven carbon fiber
  • Wet laminate, vacuum bag
  • All black carbon (no gel coat) with white decals
  • Black with white bow & stern

* Please note: Weights are approximate and may vary.

Matt Bouman - Elite Athlete

"My first 1 km of downwind with my brand spanking new V14 from EPIC Kayaks."

Hank McGregor - Winner Molokai 2014

Video - Elite Solo Surfski - EPIC V14

EPIC V14 Review

"I have had the Epic V14 demo boat for the last few days putting it through its paces. Its a really fast, fun boat to paddle. I did a 16km down wind in a good 20 Knot N/E tailwind its the best surfing boat i have paddled and slices through small chop making linking runs much easier. It picked up runs well and the cockpit was very dry. The bailer worked well i had it down about 1/3 of its maximum and this was sufficient for the conditions. I also did a local 10km weekly time trial in Sydney Harbour and the boat was very quick. The course is normally a mix of choppy confused water bouncing off cliffs and small harbour runs to virtually flat water. I normally paddle a Epic V12 elite and average about 12.4 kph Average for the 10km course. In the V14 i averaged 12.9kph. I know conditions can play a big part but it was a pretty typical day and the boat felt really fast.
Thanks Epic"

ski's in last 10yrs:
- Nelo 560L
- Epic: 1st/2ndG V10/10L/10 sport, V14, V12, V8, V7, double -v10/v8
- Stellar: SES 1G/2G, SEI 2G
- Fenn: double, elite SL, swordfish 1G/2G
- Carbonology: vault, atom, flash
- Also: hayden spec ski / gibbons oc. ski / red7 / stealth spec/ocean ski / think legend

Tony H,  Gold Coast

Tony H

V14 Review

Alot of the new skis - v14 / glide - have less rocker.
I have not experienced any issues described with the v14

Interestingly this last weekends Molokai in messy conditions had 4 x v14's in top 5 - conditions initially side chop & then head wind for latter half!

ski's in last 10yrs:
- Nelo 560L
- Epic: 1st/2ndG V10/10L/10 sport, V14, V12, V8, V7, double -v10/v8
- Stellar: SES 1G/2G, SEI 2G
- Fenn: double, elite SL, swordfish 1G/2G
- Carbonology: vault, atom, flash
- Also: hayden spec ski / gibbons oc. ski / red7 / stealth spec/ocean ski / think legend

Tony H,  Gold Coast

Tony H

Paddling the V14

So far, I’ve mostly had the V14 on flat water.  First off, I didn’t notice the high seat position that I heard others rave about.  It seems fairly standard and comfortable and far from the old sitting-in-a-bucket feel that we used to have to deal with.  And, while some other elite skis use a flatter bottom for higher initial stability and more vertical sides for lesser secondary stability, i.e. a “U” hull cross-section, the V14 has more of a “V” cross section like an ICF K1.  Underway, the ski feels very much like a K1 - but a long, heavy K1 that gives you just a little bit more time to react to tilting off center compared to a true K1.  Initial stability is ok, nothing skittish, but secondary stability is . . . well, there’s not really anything there when you lean it over and if you try to wet the gunwale, you’ll swim.  It’s definitely a ski that demands your attention. 

I’ve spent most time with the Epic weedless rudder on, and on flat water, it’s surprising how responsive the ski is with that.  With the universal rudder, it’s very controlled in rougher water.

On the single day that I paddled the V14 on 1-3 ft (1 m) wind waves, I found the ski to feel both narrow and again lacking in secondary stability.  It did feel fast when going into the wind and downwind and GPS numbers confirmed this.  While I can paddle this ski fairly well on rough water, I find that I’m brace-stroking too often and even though I suspect I’d be faster in this ski than in the V12 or the new V10, my gut tells me that it’s too much ski for me - and also that I’m not a spring chicken any more.

[Editor: I can confirm that for a 50 year old weekend warrior, the V14 is a twitchy beast. I paddled it in choppy water in Hong Kong last November, and I felt a bit of a fraud - as though I were driving a Ferrari with L plates in the back window.  The ski felt fast - but at my level of competence the best I could say was that I didn't fall out!]

Erik Borgnes, surfski.info

Erik Borgnes

EPIC V12 - V14 Review

I am working on a full tilt review, but wanted to jot down some first impressions as a total surfski frother who paddles and races day in / day out in open water downwind in a V14:

A few thoughts:
1. The stability is shocking. Truly. Shocking. I've had the ski for all of four days, and I've done several downwind, upwind, chop, rebound, wind to 35mph against a full ebb tide with jumbled, messy stressful wind that blows the tops of waves into gun smoke. I've intentionally done things that that would should earn a swim, and this thing just stays calm and surfs on. As an advanced paddler that is in a k1 every morning and a V14 every afternoon, I have a hard time judging stability these days but it feels more planted and secure in the big stuff than a flatter bottomed ski (V10 etc.). It doesn't bounce or skip on the surface. It sits a bit deep in the water, and I think that is part of the magic formula.

2. If the V14 is about commitment, the V12 is a trip to the playboy mansion with a coke budget: I spend most of my time in k1's and the V14. Those types of rides are all about commitment to reap the rewards of a low volume missile and chasing your technique flaws down like a cartel hitman one by one to avenge your ego...The V12 however is just a totally different animal than anything else I've paddled. It's aggressive, but playful and changes direction effortlessly. Today in a very bad stretch of water where the wind waves come together from two directions, I found myself just attacking through everything without a second thought and not even remotely stressed. Think of a pit bull chasing a laser pointer in a china shop. Not a single f*ck given, and totally hilarious. Very unique and very, very fun.

3. The bucket is great for me. The V12 seat is a smidge wider than the V14, but good contact at the hips and no obvious pressure points. I love it. I recently paddled a Nelo 560 and was surprised that even at my specs (6'3" 225 pounds) I would need to pad it out. It also had a strange pressure point right at the tailbone. I've talked to other friends who paddle the 560 and they adore it - so waves for wales, dolphins and sharks I guess. The back of the V12 bucket rises nicely, then tilts away from the waste, limiting chaffing allowing for extreme laybacks when doing silly things in big water. I also noticed that the seat is further forward than the previous generation V12, and that lends a bit more aggressive attitude to the pilot.

4. It's a dry ride. The front of the cockpit is deeper, and has nice transition lines to the foredeck. Very clean and handsome transition lines. But if you look at where the foot board rudder pedals meet the side of the ski, you'll notice a 1.25 or so distance to the top of the cockpit vs. a V14. The bucket is a bit deeper, but not to the degree that it would be an issue in remount with decent technique. At the back of the cockpit I would measure the distance as maybe only .5 deeper at the rails than the V14. Nice move Epic. Heading upwind, it takes a lot more wave to make it's way into the cockpit than the V14 (a fairly wet ride in exchange for the low volume). And it's noticeably dryer downwind. I have started 3D printing my own custom wave deflectors for Epic skis, and I am not sure the V12 needs one. I'll be doing some downwind runs offshore in the pacific next week, so I hope conditions help me to know for sure at that point.

5. There is a bit more volume in the bow than a V14. But a whole lot less in the tail. I set both the V14, and the V12 next to each other. The V12 carries more volume into the bow, most noticeable from a directly overhead point of view. And it has a whole lot less volume in the stern. The tail of the V12 is noticeably petite from a profile view, but wider when viewed overhead... which might help explain why it's pretty unshakable in messy breaking waves but sniffs out runners very easily... there just isn't much back there to mess with with. Also, the 1st gen V12 had lots and lots of volume, which I personally always liked. But now that I paddle the new V12, I don't miss it. As I paddle out beam in the V12 in high wind, there is a bit more ski for the wind to grab than the V14. But the stability more than makes up for this.

6: Rocker rules. The ski has more rocker than any other Epic ski I've seen to date, and it rules for short period, steep, technical messy water.... yet it still glides well in the flat. Not as much glide as a V14. Nope. But it does glide well enough that I would race it flat water and probably be within a 5% margin of my V14 time.

7: The new V12 vs the old. When I switched from the 1st gen V12 to V14, I missed the incredible secondary stability. But damn, the V14 was so much faster and asked me to be a better pilot so off I went. The new V12 however has both primary and secondary in spades... to the point where it messes with your head when you first hop in. "Wait... whut?! Why is it so stable? Is it slow? Nah... Daggerboard?! Nooo... is there a gyro in here?! Better ask Greg..." It is impressively stable.

Final Thought: As a die hard Epic V14 fanboy, I asked myself if I would be willing to part with my magic missile to go frolic in the waves with this mistress? If it's gonna be rowdy and wild, you bet.

Cryder, surfski.info

SLS Australia

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