Ozflyte Maxx© Surf Ski

Ozflyte MAXX©
  • Returning to the Ozflyte fleet, the MAXX© will be constructed as a SLSA spec 18kg ski or the option as an Ocean racing weight of 12kg ( non-SLSA spec approval ).
  • Refined Tail, flush venturi, seat/start grip for left and right starters,  new and improved deep narrow footwell, hydrolift profile
  • The MAXX©  design also comes in the option of an adjustable ski. This is perfect for juniors or a club ski when multiple people are using the ski. The adjustment is simple and easy and takes just on 1 minute to change.No need to tie off, change seat lengths or fiddle with the T-plate system.
  • Optional: digital designs, construction, Venturi’s, Starting blocks, seatpad, Rudder shape,
  • The MAXX©  can be constructed at no extra cost in an adjustable version for clubs that want a versatile ski to fit varied leg length competitors.
  • The first of the MAXX© skis had had an amazing response with people putting their trust back in OZFLYTE  for quality and performance after trialing & testing the newly produced skis.
  • Nutri Grain Ironwoman Amy Nurthen competed in the 2013 Nurti Grain series and 2013/14 surf season on her new MAXX© 
  • For all enquiries on skis and paddle contact the team at: [email protected]

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